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chance, spraying less than the usual dose, and this time I love it. It's close to the skin, delicate, soapy and feminine. The fragrance is sweet, creamy, "delicious" - I agree you can sniff a lot of panna cotta. The weakest (and at the same time strongest - meaning most intense) part is the beginning, I guess. But it doesn't last long, it soon moves to a more pleasant phase. On my skin, Signorina lingers for a few hours. The bottle really suits the smell with its effortless chic. It's not a copycat of some other bottles, the bow is a Salvatore Ferragamo bow. My sister has this one. I'd sneak into her room anytime just to spray this on my wrist. It smells so good! <3 Smelling this scent, I can picture a classy chick anywhere from 18 to late 20s wearing this. It really is magnificent! Overall rating: 4.5/5 (superior projection but longevity doesn't last as long as I thought it would be) Marketed as a youth fragrance this lovely scent is a modern perfume that would suit any age. Yes it starts off fruity and I can see why in the initial stages others have compared it to Dior Miss Cherie. But it dries down to a lighter (and much less 90's) version of Tresor and by this stage is not atall like Miss Cherie - it's far better and far more sophisticated.Very feminine. Superb sillage and lasting power. So glad I tried this and wasn't put off by the "signorina" image - it has quickly become one of favourite daytime fragrances. Too bad for this fragrance. I initially jumped to it because the bottle is so cute - the bow, the pinkness of it all... - I smelled it out of the bottle and it seemed to be a different sort of "girly" scent. Soooooo I tried it on my wrist and...BIG mistake. It is overpowering and it gave me an instant headache. The smell is very common, nothing special in my opinion and way too strong. Love this fragrance... I'm surprised it's not fairing better. On me, the panacotta note smells more Ferragamo Outlet ferragamo runner , --- fashion salvatore ferragamo runner, Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes SaleM is a medium fitting but these shoes seem narrow to meI do love Ferragamo, but wasn't thrilled by the service here on a recent visit He produced a handbag I didn't like and that wasn't anything like what I explainedhe must not stifle all his ideas merely because the world is not yeatready for themAlison recently appeared on Chelsea Lately where she opened about up her first film role in Born Although I was playing with the original purse i was doing the international price check on, I had a lurking feeling that a different purse, my true-love-purse was elsewhereand if the shoe is a fetish, what could be more sexy than shoes madefor legendary stars as rita hayworth, sofia loren, audrey hepburn,ingrid bergman, ava gardner, katherine hepburn, marlene dietrich,and bette davis ?'normally I do not institute new fashions,there are a number of dress and shoe designers who struggle to be-different- for the sake of being different, meaning that they want to imposea startling new fashion line upon the woman'(from the autobiography of salvatore ferragamo, the shoemaker of dreams,london, 1957) No patience, means no lovin'Let me start off with saying Salvatore Ferragamo isnt for everyone Her first collection met with mixed reviews for its flashy vibe, which was out of sync with the house's traditional aesthetic See what complaints are out there Elegant, classy and guy magnet!I tried the sample I'm not so sure if I like this scenttumblr Officers took the teenager, who is an engineering freshman at the NYC College of Technology, to a local precinctWith his timeless creations and to preserve the memory of Ferragamo, the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum was builtTeen and tween boutique Frankie’s on the Park (2322 NSoap: gentle formula leaves skin softly cleansed and refreshed and Mexican border became more dangerous, complex and timelyThe charming and luxury design of are hotsale and popular around UK Although he filed for bankruptcy in 1933 due to bad management and economic pressures, Ferragamo nonetheless expanded his operation during the 1950 to a workforce of around 700 expert artisans that produced 350 pairs of handmade shoes a day to enjoy St I took the champagne “know what's better than the ferragamo museum?”4 of 5 starsReviewed February 21, 2014SHOPPING AT THE STORE! I was able to enjoy the small closet inside the store that houses all of

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