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Trading (Export)

                 Export Rice             Export Timber                                     Export Pulses

The first commodity that was exported was Timber by Kaytumadi to Europe and South East Asia in 1991. Total tonnage exported was 500 HT.

After that Myanmar White Rice, Pulses and Beans – to South East Asia Countries/Africa but mainly to India Total tonnage exported was 218709 MT (2009-2011)

Round Logs of Teak, Pyingado, Padauk (Rose Wood), Gurjan, etc.

Conversions (any size) of Teak, Pyingado, Padauk (Rose Wood), Gurjan, etc.

Finished goods of Teak, Pyingado, Padauk (Rose Wood) such as floorings and

Pulses and Beans such as Black Matpe, Green Mung Bean, Toor Who

Trading (Import)


The import goods were Urea, Fertilizers, Electrical, Car tyres, Food Stuff, Chemicals, Construction materials, Cement (Thai, Russian, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and China)

On the birth of Petro K
Diesel Oil was included in these imports. Total imported was 41472 TNE (2010-2011).

Urea Fertilizers

Electrical Goods

Car Tyres

Food and Food Stuff


Construction Materials, etc. le, etc.



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